"Bring novelty to the French soft drink market and create a keen interest  for cold brew coffee so that it becomes one of the French favorite energy and refreshing drinks"

Oswald & Rémi

It was a bit of a coincidence, when we met in 2011 when we were still an auto body repairer, that we realized that we were passionate about two things in common: cars and coffee.

A passion that has developed over the years and our travels. Indeed, we realized that coffee had an important place in many cultures. The most surprising thing for us was to realize that there are an incredible number of methods of preparation and tasting.

This only reinforced our curiosity, a curiosity that led us straight to our favorite "cold brew coffee" discovered in one of the many coffee shops in London. delighted by this discover, we realized on returning to France that it was very difficult to find.

It was from a blank sheet and after multiple tested recipes, missed combinations and liters of coffees sacrificed, we found the perfect combination. After that, we decided to produce our own cold brew coffee.

Pour mieux connaitre 
la marque Authentik Bordeaux